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High performance is both an organizational/systemic goal, as well as an individual goal, and high-performing organizations require three critical elements: a high level of trust, top performing leaders, and continuous improvement.

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Transforming Leadership has developed the Organizational DNA Profile and Report® (ODPR®) specifically to address the foundation of organizational trust. This highly valid and reliable instrument was developed for Transforming Leadership to reveal the Gap between who an organization says they are, their Core Values Statement, and who they really are, their Demonstrated Core Values. The existence of this Gap results in a breakdown of trust within the organization, and the wider the Gap, the lower the trust.

High performing business leaders understand the importance of trust within an organization. As trust erodes, performance diminishes, employee turnover increases, and employee engagement becomes non-existent.

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Transforming Leadership works with already effective high performing leaders, and high performing leaders know that to be a CHAMPION they must capitalize on their strengths, and identify and develop critical growth areas. The Transforming Leadership model of Executive and Senior Manager Coaching is specifically designed to help leaders identify critical growth areas, skills that must not be delegated, but must be developed for the highly effective leader. While these skills are being developed, your Transforming Leadership Coach is helping this leader increase their effectiveness in their existing strength areas. This Executive and Senior Manager Coaching helps transform your high performing leader in a CHAMPION leader.

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Progressive leaders and organizations know that being a CHAMPION requires continous improvement at all levels of leadership. Transforming Leadership can help your organization design your own High Potential or Leadership Development Program. We have both the experience and the personnel to assist at any level from helping you determine the most appropriate assessments and professional coaching, to administrating your program for you.

A properly administered Leadership Development Program builds trust and loyalty, and provides your up and coming leaders with the personal and professional growth opportunities to transform them into CHAMPIONS. Invest in your people, so that they can invest in you.

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Please visit our Services Matrix Page for a visual representation of our offerings and how Transforming Leadership can help you design your best Professional Development Program.

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