Dr. Steve Steff Leadership Development TeamDr. Steve Steff

Dr. Steff has served as consultant, counselor, and coach to executives from various companies for over two decades. With an extensive background in organizational behavior and interpersonal issues, Steve brings tremendous value to the companies he serves in Leadership Development and Assessment.

As the founder and president of Transforming Leadership, Steve’s goal is to provide business leaders and managers with the skills and resources to face the ongoing challenge of improving productivity while maintaining a balanced life, and is a firm believer in the fact that when you change the way a leader sees the world, you change their world.

Steve has worked successfully with organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. With a doctorate in Workplace Leadership and Ethics, a Masters in Counseling, as well as being an ICF certified coach, Steve is uniquely qualified to help leaders identify and eliminate the challenges to improved performance.

Steve is firmly convinced that consistent high performance goes hand-in-hand with a balanced life, and with this in mind, Steve helps leaders become aware of the workplace influences on the home, as well as the home influences in the workplace. As a business owner for two decades, and serving as a business consultant for over fifteen years, Steve has sat on both sides of the desk of “personal/personnel development.” You will appreciate his unique insights into strengths and challenges for you and your team.

  • C-Suite Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Coaching
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Keynote Speaking


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