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Behaviors VS Outcomes

I have been in countless meetings over the years where the focus of the meeting was either a Profit & Loss or sales numbers, and the gist of the meetings was driving home the importance of hitting a particular number. Numbers are important. Actually, numbers are critical. That’s why we are in business, to generate revenue. A few months ago I interviewed a C-suite leader at a very successful and very progressive national organization that told me his organization followed meeting guidelines that prevented the discussion of numbers in any meeting below senior executive level. They had found that even

Don’t Offend!

You don’t need to agree. But don’t offend! We live in a world where offense is becoming more and more the norm. If you say aqua, and I say blue-green, then you are obviously blind. You can’t see what is right in front of you. You’re not qualified to make a decision. Possibly not qualified to even be on the team. Wait! What were we trying to accomplish? Sometimes we get so focused on ensuring that everyone agrees with our every point we lose sight of what we were trying to accomplish to begin with. What is the goal? Is

That’s your Cue!

Change your Behavior for Good! At Transforming Leadership we have three magic words: Intentional, Behavior, and Effectiveness. After all, your effectiveness is based simply on your behaviors. Regardless how simple or complex the job, it boils down to specific behaviors. For many leaders, identifying specific behaviors, either their own or those of direct reports, that need to be tweaked, changed, or improved is pretty easy. The challenge is changing the behavior. The ineffective behavior is identified, and (hopefully) an effective behavior change is defined. Now the trick is to QUIT doing the ineffective behavior, and DO the effective behavior, often


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