Effective Meetings Part 2

Effective Meetings Continued… In our last podcast, we talked about half of our 8 keys to successful meetings. This week we finish the list with in-depth conversation and instruction on the [...]

Effective Meetings Part 1

Meetings!!! Stop the madness! There are few things that strike terror into leaders and managers like the dreaded…MEETING. Okay, maybe not terror. Maybe it’s just apathy, frustration, and [...]

Managing Change

Change is only successful when managed correctly Research by Harvard Business School as well as the Ken Blanchard group, indicates that as much as 70% of change efforts fail. Change effort [...]

Brainstorming and Vision

In a recent Transforming Leadership project measuring leadership skills in the categories of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, over 60% of the leaders in one organization FAILED in the category [...]

Emotional Intelligence

“In the long run, EQ (emotional quotient) trumps IQ (intelligence quotient). Without being a source of energy for others, very little can be accomplished.” – Satya Nadella, CEO [...]

From Technician to Entrepreneur

Making the leap from manager to leader or from technician to entrepreneur can seem like a huge, daunting challenge. There are over 5 million businesses in the US that employ fewer than 20 people. [...]