Core Leadership Development Principles Insight, Impact & Integrity
Our success is predicated on our commitment to three steadfast core principles: Insight, Impact, and Integrity.


Wikipedia defines Insight as “the understanding of a specific cause and effect in a specific context.” Sometimes this cause and effect is apparent by merely looking through different eyes. But often, impactful insight is a product of building a trusting relationship that allows complete transparency from everyone involved. The Transforming Leadership team is dedicated to building partnerships that result in trust, transparency, and growth in effectiveness.


The dictionary defines Impact as “to have an [impact] or effect on; influence; alter. Insight into cause and effect is of little value if this insight doesn’t translate to having an Impact on behavior, and ultimately, having an Impact on the organization. Here again, our belief is that a partnership relationship is the basis for transforming change.


Forbes Magazine says that “success may come and go, but integrity is forever.” Integrity is knowing what the “right thing” is, based on a clear set of core values, and having the courage to do the “right thing” regardless of the consequences. Transforming Leadership is committed to building partnerships with organizations that value integrity. It is the demonstration of integrity by both the Transforming Leadership team as well as by our partners that is the foundation by which insight is gained, and impact is achieved.

But most importantly, our mission is to honor Jesus Christ in all that we do.