In High Performance organizations it is important that the Core Values of the team members align with the Core Values of the organization. While most of us have a good idea of the values that are most important to us, many of us have never sat down and clearly identified those precious Core Values that should be used to guide our personal actions and decisions.

To help the individual more clearly define their personal Core Values, Transforming Leadership has developed an invaluable development tool with the My-DNA Workspace.

The My-DNA Program is an On-line, Coach Assisted Workspace that guides the user through the process of identifying their personal Core Values and ultimately generating their own Core Values Statement.

Many report the My-DNA Workspace to be a life-changing, and work-changing, experience. These are examples of the tremendous Core Values Statements created by My-DNA users.

Leave a Wake Poster
Courage Poster
Adventure Poster

At the end of the MY DNA program, the client is given a poster with their personal Core Value Statement and a photo of their choice to display as a testament to their Core Values.



Here is what our clients have to say about the MY DNA program:

“I never thought about my personal legacy or how I want to be remembered.  I let my daily living guide my choices and behaviors.  Dr. Steff and the MY DNA program helped me document the pillars I live by, reminded me to take time to invest in myself and focused me personally and professionally.  Together we created a value statement that sets a path to making daily choices that lead closer to my legacy.”

Zeljko Cvitkovic

“I feel I owe my personal development over the past couple of years in large part to the work I’ve done with Transforming Leadership.”

Eric Dickey – Director of Research and Development – Ply Gem Siding Group

“I have taken a number of assessments to support my professional and personal development.  The MY-DNA core values process has been the one of I’ve needed the most to focus my improvement efforts.”

Gary Luther – Sr. Product Marketing Manager