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Strategic Roadmaps

Strategic Roadmaps

Strategic Planning

Transforming Leadership’s consulting services focus on strategic planning – a multi-year outlook of where an established organization wants to go and how it plans to get there.

Transforming Leadership is unique in that we:

  • Help our clients create or refine their strategic plan, including the establishment of long-term organizational and departmental goals
  • Create Tactical Roadmaps outlining what needs to be done in order for strategic goals to be achieved
  • Create Behavioral Roadmaps outlining how to execute tactical roadmaps efficiently and sustainably

Tactical Roadmap

Tactical roadmaps outline what needs to be done, by when, in order to achieve specific outcomes.  This includes an understanding of key stakeholders, their roles and responsibilities and having a framework in place to manage progress.

Operational frameworks generally are represented in Operations Plans, which can be created for each organizational department, to help organizations manage and measure progress while executing its strategic plan.

Operations Plans include:

  • An outline of annual departmental goals that support the goals of the strategic plan
  • Strategies to optimize departmental structure and efficiency
  • Creation of shorter-term, incremental goals that support departmental goals
    • Creation of tactical plans to achieve each goal within defined periods of time
  • Operations manuals outlining:
    • Key success factors per role
    • How each individual role contributes to the achievement of departmental and organizational goals
    • Scalability analysis through understanding personal capacity per role
    • Job expectations and performance measurement systems
    • Tactical strategies for executives, sales, marketing and supply chain management departments, created from our Smart Business Assessment

Behavioral Roadmap

Most consultants stop with the tactical elements of a strategic plan. Transforming Leadership is unique in our ability to help clients create behavioral roadmaps as well – the drivers of real change.

Behavioral roadmaps detail the behavior changes required to achieve tactical (short-term) and strategic (long-term) goals. Depending on the client’s desired outcomes, behavior changes can include the need to:

  • Transition from process-focused leadership to outcome-focused leadership
  • Possess higher levels of emotional intelligence and ability to manage uncertainties
  • Understand how to accomplish more in less time, without impeding quality of work

When outcomes are set, tactical and behavioral roadmaps can be created in tandem. To help initiate organizational, departmental and team behavioral changes, clients can take advantage of one or more Transforming Leadership offerings:

Organizational DNA Profile

Intentional Leader-Manager Workshop

Multiple Team-Based Assessments

While our strategic consulting services are focused on serving teams and departments specifically, individuals can further develop positive behavioral changes through our 1:1 leadership coaching services and industry-leading suite of behavioral-based assessments.


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