Stock“We have found [Transforming Leadership] to be a valuable partner that we would recommend to anyone.  It has been our experience that there is no partnership relation that we have that is as consistently applauded by our personnel as that with [Transforming Leadership].”

-Bryan Yeazel, Executive VP, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, Stock Building Supply

IBM_100_170x100“[Transforming Leadership] has served us in two critical capacities. First, they provided us with the insight to develop a much stronger and more effective team. And second, they helped me personally to identify growth areas in my communication with my team.

We plan to continue to use [Transforming Leadership] at every opportunity.

– Team Leader, IBM

“With over a fifteen year relationship, the most important thing [Transforming Leadership] brings to our company is trust. Our team knows that they can trust everything [Transforming Leadership] says and does.”

-Joe Appelman, former CEO, Stock Building Supply

ply-gem-logo“I have known and worked with Steve for fifteen years. I was so impressed with his work with my previous company, where I served as COO, that when I transitioned to CEO of Ply Gem we contracted with him immediately.”

-Gary Robinette, CEO, Ply Gem

“Over more than a decade, Steve has worked with individuals at every level of our company to improve performance.”

-David Schmoll, SVP, Ply Gem

US LBM clip“Transforming Leadership does a great service for us on the training side, but they are also a valued partner that understands our business and, more importantly, our commitment to our people.”

L. T. Gibson, President & CEO, US LBM


Anita F - Testimonial“My-DNA project helped me to further evaluate myself and review how I perceive myself and how others may perceive me. It forced me to think about how my actions may impact others and look at things that I can do to make a more positive impact at work and in my daily life. Additionally, it taught me ways to make myself more accountable and to better handle difficult situations. I am fortunate that Ply Gem gave me the opportunity to participate in the My-DNA project.”

Anita Freeman, HR Director, Ply Gem

“The transformation that I experienced was incredible. Dr. Steve Steff helped me grow into a strong, confident person by improving my emotional intelligence. Thanks to this program I am able to build relationships more efficiently, network with confidence, and be optimistic about what the future holds for me. “

-Daniel Cochran, MBA Student, Appalachian State University

“[Transforming Leadership] is a wise counsel who has an innate understanding of the art of corporate leadership—and has theGenerator logo sense of management ethics that few coaches fully possess. If you need someone to sift out the chaff of your organization to get to the wheat, they’re your guys.”

-Mike Rapp, Creative Director, Generator

“When I started the Emotional Intelligence coaching program, I didn’t realize how impactful it would be. Both professionally and personally It has really helped me use my personality to my advantage. When I told interviewers that I was involved in Emotional Intelligence coaching, the mood immediately switched and they were much more interested in talking to me.

LeAnne Byers, MBA Student, Appalachian State University