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What to Expect

We strive to develop trusting, long-term relationships with each client we serve. While you may not know us yet, our hope is that the following will give you a sense of what you can expect when working with our team.


Transforming Leadership understands the importance of prompt and professional communication. We are committed to providing response times to emails, calls, texts or other at a speed that will help our clients make confident and efficient decisions.


Transforming Leadership is genuinely passionate about what we do and that passion is represented in our expertise, experience and care for our clients as individuals and professionals. Our offerings portfolio combines expertly crafted internal solutions such as our Intentional Leader-Manager Workshop, with world-class behavioral-based assessments, all purposed with helping clients achieve the outcomes they desire.


No one understands the subject matter of your business and the dynamics of your specific role as well as you do. Transforming Leadership understands that you already have numerous leadership attributes that are creating positive results for your company. When engaging with Transforming Leadership, we focus on empowering our clients, co-creating solutions and never making them feel inadequate. We look at ourselves as expert collaborators, tasked with unlocking our clients potential.


Transforming Leadership is committed to being a trustworthy partner with sensitive organizational, departmental and personal data. Some leadership development sessions require co-workers to rate one another on various scales to help identify leadership gaps. We understand that can sometimes cause momentary concern for those implementing the rating exercise. We take every measure to ensure ratings and evaluations of co-workers are handled with confidentiality and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Transforming Leadership different than other coaching or leadership development firms?

A:  Four primary areas:

  1. Measurable Outcomes: Many companies recognize that leadership development is needed, however don’t implement such programs due to fear of weak or non-measurable ROI’s. Transforming Leadership provides concrete ways to measure progress and outcomes so that clear ROI’s are achievable.
  2. Behavior change focus: We seamlessly combine the tactical elements of strategic consulting with the behavioral elements of leadership development. Tactical elements of strategy focus on “what” needs to be done and behavioral elements focus on “how” goals can be achieved through positive behavior change – we are behavior change experts.
  3. Predictable Experience: As outlined on our what to expect page, we are committed to serving our clients as collaborative partners that will make them feel valued, empowered and inspired on every engagement.
  4. Assessment Suite: We offer the industry’s most unique suite of behavioral-based assessments; each designed to help our clients achieve specific outcomes at individual and organizational levels.

Q: What is the most critical success factor to my company benefiting from a Transforming Leadership engagement?

A:  An openness to change. We get it – change can be uncomfortable. However, if there is agreement on the desired outcomes, whether organizational or individual, you can trust Transforming Leadership as a collaborative, expert partner to help you manage the process of change and achieve your goals.

Q: My organization already has strong leadership. What value can Transforming Leadership offer?

A:  Even within the healthiest organizations, there are always opportunities to strengthen strengths, improve weaknesses, discover new opportunities and create better measures to combat threats. Consider Transforming Leadership’s ability bring a fresh perspective on existing challenges, new ideas for growth, and a unique set of tools that can add value to your already thriving operation.

Q: How can I be sure that information related to my organization’s strategic planning is kept confidential?

A:  Transforming Leadership understands that sensitive information will be shared based on organizational and individual growth areas. We are committed to protecting that information for every client, with the same levels of confidentiality one could expect in an engagement with a certified legal or accounting firm.

Q: How can I be sure that I select the right Transforming Leadership offering for my current needs?

A:  Everything starts with understanding your desired outcomes / end result(s). Whether strategic, operational or tactical, Transforming Leadership will match the appropriate solution to the behavior changes you need in order to achieve your goals.

Q: Transforming Leadership’s offers look good, but I’m so busy. I can’t seem to justify the time investment.

A:  Every engagement with Transforming Leadership is designed to create greater efficiency within your role and more value for your organization. Our guarantee is that if you approach each Transforming Leadership engagement with an openness to change, we will equip you with the information and support you need to achieve some results immediately, others incrementally, but all sustainably.

Q: What does a typical engagement cost and are Transforming Leadership solutions offered a la carte, bundled, etc?

A:  For consulting and coaching engagements, we do not charge by the hour, but rather, by project. If assessments are part of the scope of work, they can be priced individually or as a bundle based on volume. Contact us to learn more about specific rates per offering.

Q: I’m already engaged with another leadership development firm. How can Transforming Leadership make the switch easy and painless?

A:  The key to making a smooth transition is helping Transforming Leadership clearly understand where your team currently is on the path towards achieving the outcomes you have outlined. This includes any issues or speed bumps you might have encountered with your current partner. Once Transforming Leadership is clear on the dynamics of your current engagement, we’ll then propose the most efficient way to continue along that path, while inserting tweaks as necessary, to help you achieve your goals on time and on budget.