Don’t Offend!

You don’t need to agree. But don’t offend! We live in a world where offense is becoming more and more the norm. If you say aqua, and I say blue-green, then you are obviously blind. You can’t see [...]

That’s your Cue!

Change your Behavior for Good! At Transforming Leadership we have three magic words: Intentional, Behavior, and Effectiveness. After all, your effectiveness is based simply on your behaviors. [...]

Behaviors VS Outcomes

I have been in countless meetings over the years where the focus of the meeting was either a Profit & Loss or sales numbers, and the gist of the meetings was driving home the importance of [...]

You are what you….

Here is a quick quiz: Sit down right now and write down the names of the five people that you spend the most time with. Go! Don’t overthink it! Work or home, it doesn’t matter how you know them. [...]

Count the Cost

With any decision there are both tangible and intangible costs. Frequently the tangible costs are easy to identify and measure. For instance, with a job change there is the pay rate, possible [...]

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