Outcomes By Level

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of organizations anticipate a shortfall of leaders in the next 3 years
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of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels
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of organizations top priority is closing leadership skill gaps

Leadership Matters.

Leadership development is like using a personal trainer. For the majority of the population, increasing one's physical strength or endurance requires the guidance from a personal trainer. In the same way, Transforming Leadership's coaches help develop leaders at all levels through one-on-one collaboration focusing on behavioral growth areas.

Achievable outcomes, by level.


  • The ability to create enhanced alignment around organizational values in order to improve corporate culture

  • Strengthened emotional intelligence and executive leadership skills

  • Ability to create stronger team and cross-department relationships that are built on trust

  • C-Suite HR Development and the ability to properly create succession plans

  • Greater overall ability to create and achieve organizational strategic goals


  • More confidence and ability to lead through uncertainties and change​

  • Greater clarity on how to properly delegate various tasks and responsibilities

  • Better communication abilities with direct reports, peers and managers

  • Better strategies to achieve and maintain the desired organizational Net Promoter Score (NPS) or other customer satisfaction metric

  • Greater overall ability to achieve departmental goals and objectives


  • Better time and task management capabilities​ to manage peaks and valleys in job demands

  • More clarity on how to meet and exceed expectations of all stakeholders

  • Greater awareness of one’s own strengths and areas for improvement

  • Development of leadership skills to advance and add more organizational value

  • Greater sense of job purpose through understanding how each role contributes to the bigger picture

Start Positive. Many leadership coaches lean towards a “quit doing that,” or “work harder” approach to behavioral change. Transforming Leadership is intentional about “adding” effective behaviors first, which will naturally reduce and eliminate counter-productive behaviors.

Assessment Value. Clients who have already identified specific growth areas, can work with Transforming Leadership coaches to assist with their leadership development. Clients also have the option to take part in any of our leader & professional development assessments before or during coaching sessions.

Progress Measurement. An invaluable element of Transforming Leadership’s process is the capturing of “stakeholder feedback” which results from having team members provide initial and incremental feedback on an individual. Multiple perspectives help create a more targeted behavioral roadmap, which outlines key growth areas and opportunities for behavioral change.

Statistics source: Brandon Hall State of Leadership Development