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360 Assessments: What and Why?

360 Assessments: What and Why?

On a previous episode of our podcast, we discussed Stakeholder Centered Coaching, and why it’s such a valuable method to increase individual (and team) effectiveness.

But quantifying impact requires having a method to effectively collect and measure input and feedback from all the individuals around a given person, and this is where the 360 Assessment comes in.

In this episode of the Transforming Leadership Podcast, Dr. Steve Steff and host, Jim Brangenberg, talk about how 360s work, why & when to use them, and where they fit into a larger initiative to measurably improve effectiveness of individuals and teams.

Changing Behavior

In today’s discussion, we talk about building a plan to establish a new habit. This plan must include the following 5 components, at the very least:

  • A willingness to change
  • An effective plan
  • Consistent practice
  • Ongoing accountability
  • Ongoing reevaluation



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