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Live Long & Be Healthy

Live Long & Be Healthy

Many business leaders struggle with the distinctions of Vision, Mission, Strategy, and Tactics. Is it necessary to have a specific Mission? What’s the difference in Strategy and Tactics? Let’s take a quick look at a personal “Vision” of mine and see if that doesn’t clear things a bit. Pay particular attention to what is general and what is measurable.

I have a Vision. I want to be healthy, and live long, and appear healthy to honor God.

To realize that Vision, I have a Mission, I want to keep my weight under 225 pounds, and keep my cardio so that I can walk 5 miles without stress.

To accomplish that Mission I have a Strategy of working out and adopting a healthy diet.

To fulfill the Strategy I have identified the following Tactics:

  • Work out at least 3 times per week
  • 30 minutes on the elliptical
  • minimum of 3 sets of 15 reps on pecs and delta
  • minimum of 3 sets of 30 crunches
  • eliminate processed sugar from my diet (max of 1-2 desserts or snacks per week)
  • eliminate white bread/flower from my diet

To be clear, I do not enjoy working out. Additionally, I love sweets. However, to realize my Vision I must define what a realized Vision would look like. And once I have identified what a realized Vision would look like, I have to identify what GENERAL actions would be required to accomplish my Mission. These general actions are my Strategy. With the general actions identified, I then was able to identify SPECIFIC actions that I could perfrorm to fulfill that Strategy. These specific actions are my Tactics. Those SPECIFIC actions may change. We might determine that the identified Tactics or Strategy don’t provide enough movement toward the Mission. It’s even possible that my GENERAL actions might change. But, though change in the actions is possible, it is imperative that any action point directly toward the Mission of keeping my weight under 225 and hitting my cardio goals. Anything outside of that might be good, might be fun, might be of benefit to someone or something, but it is OFF MISSION.

I cannot be healthy and live long, nor honor God, unless these measurable goals are reached and sustained.

A lot of great businesses and ministries have gone away as a result of getting off Mission.


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