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Expanding Your Comfort Zone

The Zone

Imagine your comfort zone as a round bullseye style target. The very center of the target is the place where you are the most comfortable. The second ring outward makes you a little less comfortable, the next ring makes you even more uncomfortable and the ring after that scares you to death! There are more rings beyond that, reaching out forever.

As the rings get further and further from your comfort zone center, they become more and more intimidating and uncomfortable.

Some people only live in the very center, they never venture outside of what is comfortable to them. They are too scared or too insecure to go to the next ring. Other people have intentionally expanded their life experiences so that they are more comfortable with a wide array of circumstances and challenges. These people still have a comfortable center where they feel safe and happy, but they have expanded beyond there.

My challenge to you is to expand your comfort zone. Every time you encounter something new or scary in front of you, remember to embrace the new experience as an opportunity to expand your comfort zone. As you approach new conflicts as opportunities to expand, you are making yourself into a more rounded person.

Look for those new rings to add to your bullseye!