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Encouragement VS. Feedback

Transforming Leadership has a feedback model that we have titled the Encouragement Model. We chose this title to distinguish our model from others out there, and to emphasize that to be really effective, feedback must be continuous and ongoing. Continuous and ongoing requires that there must be more Encouraging feedback than Adjusting feedback.

Let’s make this simple. Imagine that you work in a large office, and that you have your own personal cubicle or office. Either over the top of your cubicle or through your office door you see your supervisor approaching. And let’s imagine that nine times out of ten when your supervisor steps into your cubicle they have something negative to say.

How do you feel when you see this supervisor approaching?

Now let’s imagine that three times out of four when you encounter your supervisor they affirm something that you have just done or that you do regularly. They then tell you the positive impact that your behavior has on them or your coworkers. And they then encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. Keep exhibiting that behavior.

Now how do you feel when you see your supervisor approaching?

Continuous and ongoing Encouragement serves two terrific purposes. First, your team feels appreciated, and they know on a continuous basis that you notice the things they do well and value them. Second, once you have established this continuous and ongoing Encouragement you can now make those continuous micro-adjustments to behaviors that will result in high performance individuals, and a high performance workplace.

Continuous and ongoing without the Encouragement is micro-managing. Continuous and ongoing with the Encouragement is leadership and coaching.