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Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward

At Transforming Leadership we spend a lot of time teaching people about the DiSC profile or their M-BTI Personality Inventory. With either tool you quickly understand that some of us are quick with ideas, insights, and relationships, while others are the “Steady-Eddies” of the world.

The Steady-Eddies may not have quite as many ideas, but these people are frequently far better at bringing those ideas to completion. In the meantime, the Bright Idea folks may have come up with another world-changing innovation, but they never really finished changing the world with the last great idea.

Insight into your personality is terrific, but personality is an indicator, not an excuse. The best insight is that which equips us for being both effective and efficient. Complete. Use that knowledge to make yourself better at things that don’t come as naturally.

Don’t put your best foot forward, and end up dragging the other foot behind, walk strong!


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