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Preparation Module 2

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Preparation Module 2



The following video is from our Intentional Leader-Manager Workshop and covers our Connecting Model. While not specifically recorded for the Servant Leadership Workshop, we believe Connecting Meetings are a critical component of Servant Leadership.


Simon Sinek: Most Leaders Don’t Even Know….


This brief video is an “explainer” of the Daniel Goleman article available below:

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Articles of Interest

What Makes A Great Leader – Daniel Goleman – This article from HRB is somewhat dated but an excellent resource in explaining the challenges with training and learning.

Try Feedforward Instead of Feedback

20 Bad Habits

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Servant Leadership Workshop


Module 1 – Preparation

Module 1 – Introduction & Review of The Servant

Module 2 – Preparation: Review of JD and SL Prep

Module 3 – Preparation: Servant Leadership Implementation





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